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Frequently Asked Questions

Mar de Madera wants to change the way of giving gifts, personalizing all its products with Laser Engraving.

It does not require any ink and does not generate waste, which makes us environmentally friendly. We also try to have original and attractive products of all kinds.

The vast majority of Mar de Madera products have the option to be personalized with your own song, making it a very special gift. To do this you must select it in the drop-down menu and in the lower one write the name of the song and the artist. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE SURE THAT THE SONG IS AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY.

We will then generate a compatible code and check it before engraving.

When the person receives the product, he/she will only have to follow the instructions that come with it:

  • Open the latest version of Spotify
  • Click on the Search magnifying glass
  • Click on the search engine as if you were going to type and select the upper right camera.
  • Enjoy this UNIQUE song.

The vast majority of Mar de Madera products have the option to be personalized with coordinates of a place that you provide us with and that will make it a very special gift. To do this you must select it in the drop-down menu and in the lower one write the address or city you want it to appear (The more data you provide such as zip code, country, etc., the more accurate the subsequent location will be and the less risk there is that another location with the same name exists and we make a mistake.).

We will then generate a compatible code using official coordinates and check it before engraving.

When the person receives the product, he/she will only have to follow the instructions that come with it:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • In the Search bar type
  • By clicking on the link on our website you will be able to enter the coordinates of your product and on the map below you will find out where they lead you.
  • Finally close your eyes and transport yourself to that special place.

Mar de Madera arises as a new way of making special products, but we do not want it to be an online store like any other but a way of seeing things.

That’s why you can choose the font and text on a lot of products but you won’t have a preview because we believe in the surprise factor and we want our creativity to generate curiosity when you open the order before giving it away, or even give something to yourself, because we deserve it!

PS: Anyway if you have a very clear idea and you prefer not to risk, before confirming the order you have a space on the address confirmation page etc. where you can leave us a note if you want the text small, large, to occupy all the space etc. and we will comply whenever it is technically possible. In addition, all our products have an indicative design so that you can see a reference of how it will look like.

The delivery time of the orders is estimated and depends on the transportation companies we work with. The time of the year when the order is placed (e.g. for Christmas, Black Friday etc.) also has an influence, we recommend to place the order with more time since the workload is higher.

We allow 6 to 9 working days for normal orders and 2 to 4 working days for urgent orders, although we always try to ensure that they arrive sooner.

Keep in mind that all products are customized and therefore must be made one at a time and is not immediate delivery to the carrier, but yes, you will have a unique gift.

Orders placed after 11:45 am will be processed the next business day.

For orders with personalized image the deadlines will not start until we receive the email with the customer’s image with the order number in the subject line or attached in your ‘Customer Area’.

The text spaces to customize the products have estimated characters for the size to be customized for each product. If you want in the same order more than one unit of the same product with different customizations you must do the following:

Select a unit, write the text, song or coordinates if you have the option, add to cart and repeat the process as many times as you wish and in this way each product in the cart will appear with each text.

In the case of a large quantity order (more than 20 units of the same product) we recommend that you write us in the contact form with the product you need and the quantity, so if you confirm the order you can send us via email an Excel with the different customizations.

Of course! We have an encrypted and secure payment gateway certified with the ‘SSL SECURE SHOPING’ seal that protects both your money and your data.

For us the most important thing is your peace of mind and security.

We also recommend that you NEVER give your bank or credit card information to anyone.

Finally, Mar de Madera will never ask you for payment or your full bank details by message or email.

To buy in Mar de Madera it is NOT necessary to register, simply select the product you want and its personalization and when you click to pay you will be asked for your data for the shipping and formalization of the order, but you do not have to register.

Even so, we recommend that you register because in this way you can track your orders and know the status of the same and even the tracking of the carrier when available, thus having more control. In addition, if you select a customized product with your image, it will be in this section where you can directly upload the file when the order is already confirmed and it will be much easier.

You can read our protection of your data in the ‘Privacy Policy’ and you can also delete the account at any time and we will delete the data as required by law.

In Mar de Madera this option is not available unless it is due to a manufacturing defect, which must be notified within 24 hours after receipt of the order to

We recommend that you make sure of the product and the customization before purchasing it, since we cannot make any kind of refunds since it is customized.

But this way you make what you buy special for YOU.

In Mar de Madera we want all products to be unique and that is why we customize each and every one of the things and also each novelty we add is designed to be customized. That is why our idea is that they should all be like this.

If by any chance you want a product without personalization, choose a font and write in the text box ‘Without personalization’ and it will be sent to you without any engraving but…

Something that is part of IT will always be better.

The equipment has a computerized order management system that automatically orders orders one at a time. That is why we cannot guarantee that it can be changed.

We recommend that you look carefully before processing the shipment all the information but if there is still an error, send an email with the order number in the subject line to and the correct text and if it has not already gone through production it will be changed.

We have two shipping options:

  • Standard shipping is more economical and has an estimated delivery time of 48 to 72 hours from the time we deliver the order to the carrier. (Estimated total lead time 6 to 9 working days)
  • Urgent shipment that has an estimated delivery time between 24 and 48 hours from the time we deliver the order to the transport company but also has priority to enter into production of customization and therefore has a tighter delivery time. (Estimated total lead time 2 to 4 working days)

Of course! We have our own machinery for engraving. That is why if you need something very specific or in large quantities, please contact us by email at with your request and we will respond as soon as possible with the budget and manufacturing deadlines.

For orders in a hurry you should select the ‘Urgent Transport’ shipping method, which is faster both in terms of delivery time and also prioritizes the order in production. This results in a much faster turnaround time of 2 to 4 working days.

We always try to get orders out as quickly as possible, but since it is customized, we cannot always achieve this.

We have put all our means and effort so that this does not happen, and it is not something that happens regularly, but there is a possibility that for some reason you have been able to confirm an order and we do not have the stock available.

If so, we will contact you immediately and give you different options:

  • Exchange for another product that we have available
  • Notify you of the actual delivery time for the product you have requested.
  • Refund you the full amount of the order to the method you have made as soon as possible.

We are still working hard to make sure this does not happen and hopefully, it will not happen. 🙂

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